Suit up everyone! Did you know I start work in an office as HIS? Nothing harder than finding the perfect professional outfit in the morning and yet not wearing a boring one. I want to look fashionable and trendy. Now, i found the perfect outfit that can be worn in office and casual day like this look. Β love grey! It’s so feminine and this soft grey is very chique but not boring. It’s still monochrome while being classy. Perfect for me in the office with heels or / and flat. Kt’s also suitable for date night look. Β This color is easy to combine with white. It can be worn with a t-shirt or a shirt, depends how fancy you want to look. It’s not always so easy to look stylish with suit but this suit surely helps!
I can’t wait for spring, but the weather is great again in Toronto, so I had to show you how I style a suit. It’s comfy and feels warm enough with this sunny weather. I hope it stays like this, because last week we had crazy weather.

Hope you enjoy it ☺


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