April, 14th, I flow from L.A. to one of the most beautiful iconic city in the world , SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA.  It’s breathe taking city in Central Coast in California that surround by Pacific ocean and San Francisco Bay. Let me say that these city is most diversity city I have ever been to. I didn’t have much time.  It was only weekend trip, I’m so disappointed that I didn’t explore the way I wanted because I never thought there’s many things to see and do in the city.

Now, let’s talk about my weekend trip to SF with my friend. First day, the sun was shining we were so excited to start our sightseeing to one of the seven wonders of the modern world, Golden Gate Bridge between Pacific ocean and San Francisco Bay. This is a dream came true…. the access to get to the bridge is easy,

because we were staying at UNION SQUARE HOTEL in UNION SQUARE,  It was easy access to get to the bridge from downtown, take #38 Geary Boulevard to Park Presidio and transfer to #28 northbound to get to the Golden Gate Bridge. On the evening that day, we strolled around UNION SQUARE and took more photos.

Day two, we decided to walk 45min from UNION SQUARE to FISHERMAN’S WHARFT. The walking wasn’t bad, the sun was shining and there was a lot things to see our way there. First road was so excited to see it was LOMBORD STREET, located in Russian Hills is must see. Where eight sharp turns are said to make it the most crooked street in the world. There is so many hills on our way, but totally worth it of seeing those beautiful roads and houses. Finally, when we got to FERRY BUILDING at FISHERMAN’S WHARFT, we strolled around lit bit and decided to take water tour. Silver Fox Sportfishing and Tours , the best sightseeing by see. Was stable and comfortable boat and offer customer service oriented. Tell us stories and the history of San Francisco while on a Bay tour enjoying the view. Seeing ALCATRAZ ISLAND, GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE and not to forget the city view.

We were really enjoyed it and had great experience.

Until next time….

Hope you enjoy it 🙂


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