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This has to be my absolute favourite outfit this season so far!!! As you could tell, I’m obsessed anything with pink this season. Pink represent sugar and spice and everything nice. Pink is the sweet side of the colour red. Also, means sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine. I guess that’s why I’m into it….lol

Anyway, let’s talk about these look. To be honest, I’ve never had any particular interest in pleated skirts, not when they were bright maxis, or pastel chiffon midis. It’s funny how certain styles are trending every year and by the end of the season everyone’s fed up with them. And that’s what exactly happened to me. Pleated skirts are sort of fresh and new to me and I felt really feminine wearing it. Maybe for someone a skirt like this is an everyday attire, but in my case this is probably as feminine and ladylike as I can get. Glad I got it, it’s from PRIMARK , I’m sure I would be wearing this season, carrying into Summer season probable into Fall too.

I paired it with a floral silk top from FOREVER 21 it becomes altogether contemporary and makes a statement of the fashion-forward kind. Also, adds more feminise and girlish look to the outfit.

Leather jacket is great wardrobe staple. I got these baby from ZARA by TRF , it just add that a spice and a perfect classic cool look into these girly outfit and by layering leather jacket over a silky floral top gives that edge touch into it.  I love it

These ankle booties from ZARA are the most beautiful black booties I’ve ever owned.  They added that edge / cool to the look and they give that a perfect combo. Accessories with my new sunnies by PRIMARK, mini scarf from ZARA and clutch from H&M

Hope you enjoy it 🙂


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