Oh Cuba, how I miss you! I was lucky enough to be able to go back this year as well  to one of my favourite tropical countries, CUBA . Cuba, is one of those countries that you can’t help but love.

May 17, me and my friends flow to GRANMA, CUBA , in southwest of Cuba.  Granma is one of the provinces Cuba and its capital is Bayamo. Other towns include Manzanillo . Granma Named after the boat that Fidel Castro used in his revolution, –a great valley crossed by the Cauto River…..

We stayed in this beautiful resort called CLUB AMIGO. It’s a 1.5h away from the Manzanillo airport. Second day was our first official day in Granma.  We started out our trip in the beach….oh yeah. The second you step foot on their beautiful beaches your mind relaxes and nothing else matters. It was cloudy day but still we had our quite beautiful relaxation time on the beach. Listening for hours the nature sounds and the beach waves. And everywhere I looked was green and lush!  I can honestly say Cuba always steals my heart. Something about the total laid-back city/beach life it radiates and the perfect weather year round full of mostly blue skies and palm trees is truly captivating! Granma province is renowned for its battles and its natural gifts. High in the breathtaking Sierra Maestra mountains, Fidel Castro conquered Batista’s dictatorship. Down in the valley, the longest river in Cuba irrigates the fertile lands.

On a little staycation to explore a bit more of resort wearing some of my favourite pieces . It’s all about staying easy breezy style fits perfectly, So we first explored a bit of  in this beautiful resort that made us feel like we were home.

 Aside from the pool and the beach, which were hard to leave, we were able to experience some really amazing things! We  jumped on some horses and went horseback riding on the beach and around the city. Which was absolutely breath taking. Seeing all these beautiful palm trees around and some horses. I haven’t done this before and it is probably one of the best thing I did in this trip. In a beautiful country, on a beautiful beach and riding a gorgeous horse at sunset- it really doesn’t get better than

Be honest with you guys that was my first time riding horse…lol. Thanks CHI CHI for teaching me and being patient with me. Once I felt comfortable riding it, since then, I was going to horse riding every morning with him. Telling me stories while I was enjoying Cuban heat. These was the best experience I had on this trip. What a great adventure!

 Also, I hike one of the most popular mountain in Cuba,  Sierra Maestra. It’s mountains on the edge of the island’s rugged Caribbean shore.

Every journey has a beginning and an end, but it’s a part in middle, filled with exploring, adventure and new experience. That remains in memories. Wish the adventure lasted longer

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Hope you enjoy it 🙂


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