Finally I’m reveling my curls / afro hair routine essentials. Taking care of my hair is exactly taking care of my skin. Drinking water consistently so important to keep my hair healthy and hydrate. Also,eating healthy to nourish it from inside. I know it might sound redundant, but your diet can really take a toll on your hair, as well as your skin. Adding superfoods like salmon, walnuts, spinach and even sweet potatoes to your diet can help your hair stay strong. Not to mention the fact that the rest of your body and skin will thank you! However, when it come to surface of my hair, I have been trying out different products and methods to continuously achieve shine and voluminous to my curls. Using the right hair products are a subtle way to make a big difference. Therefore, GIRLS WITH CURLS hair products are #1 for my hair care since I started using them. I LOVED how my hair started slowly changed and became more healthier and shinier. Be honest with you guys, I always get scary to try I new products when it come hair and skin. After a couple weeks a noticed a huge difference.  Trying these stuff was totally worth it and become my currently obessed…..YUP. It’s one Company that carry everything your hair needs.


Was hard to find a good shampoo cleanses my hair and scalp without stripping all the good oils my hair needs.  Because of the coconut and Shea Butter it has, keeps my hair hydrated and moisturized. LOVE IT


After shampooing,  it’s time to apply CURL CONDITIONER.I take a handful of it, massage it throughout my hair. You can either do your entire head (roots to tips) which I do always or just the ends of your hair.  Then raise it for super soft and hydrate hair. 


To keep my curls softer, I like to nourish it by leave it on DEEP TREATMENT once a week for about 10-15 minutes for a great hair mask, rinse with warm water.  Then shampoo & condition as I normally would. 


Now, it’s time to style the curls. DEFINING CREAM is a great cream that nourishes / voluminous and thicker my curls.


You know that moment when your hair is about to dry looks like an absolute FRIZZY? Well, finally i found out best product to stay my hair of frizzy-free. SHAPING GELEE shapes my curls, smoothes and separate them. And of course, helps my crazy curls frizzy. 


This MOUSSE give me an amazing voluminous to my curls and add texture.


helps control my frizz and keeps my hair strong , shiny and smooth.

It’s a about embracing your natural hair

GIRLS WITH CURLS is designed specifically for curly and wavy hair. I have tried all and I love it! It’s safe for colored hair and it really helps absorb excess oil to leave your hair feel light, bouncy beautiful, and not greasy!

dippity-do Girls with Curls is dedicated to not only perfecting products that help
curly-haired girls look and feel their best, but to creating a world where curls are
every bit as sexy and desirable as straight hair. Girls with Curls is botanically-
enriched with natural shea butter, coconut oil, aloe and Vitamin E to calm and
smooth frizz, while nourishing and defining curls for springy, long-lasting bounce.
Known for its ability to saturate the hair with moisture, shea butter and coconut
oil deliver a surge of hydration to each and every strand.
The Curl Shampoo, Curl Conditioner, Deep Treatment, Curl Defining Cream, Curl
Boosting Mousse, Curl Boost Spray, and Curl Shaping Gelee can be purchased
at Walmart for under $7. These products can also be purchased at HEB locations
in the US and online worldwide at

Hope you enjoy it ☺


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