Winter has arrived early in Sudbury.  Recently, we were having a crazy freezing temperature. With a cold weather comes a freezing snow. Temperature dropped to -17 feels like -20.  That was insane especially for someone like me who haven’t experienced up northern Ontario  winter before… Wasn’t ready at all but once I saw the snow and everything around me started looking magic, I LOVED.  I’m so glad and excited to experience my first northern Ontario winter. Besides that, can’t wait to do more blog post outfits idea for cold climate that drops up to -20 to -30. I do have some great spots that I’m willing to shoot my winter looks. Like this spot it’s 2min away from where I live. It’s so BEAUTIFUL. Also excited to do some fun things this winter not only blogging… can’t wait to share with you guys.

So many of you asked me the reason I moved in to Sudbury. There will be a blog post soon explaining everything you want to know.


Hope you enjoy it ☺


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