New lifestyle. New journey!

Yes 😊 it has been 3 months now since I became VEGETARIAN.  I’m so glad the decision I made and I have 0% regret. I’m so happy and I’m enjoying every single day my new healthy lifestyle.

The way started was funny😅. I woke up one day and I decided to do a vegetarian diet in one week and I was doing it with my sister, long story short, after a week I decided to continue and from there I become vegetarian….lol . Never thought it will be easy like that😊 and until now I’m not craving meat whatsoever.

I love fresh fruits and vegetables and adding on my daily routing, change my whole life. Last month I was doing 100% raw fruits for 1 day a week and now I love fruits more than before. I’m always looking what’s available and in season to try. Figs was #1 fruit that I tried, but I didn’t like it.😅

Fruits and vegetables not only hydrate my body,  but also they’re in high fibers, vitamins, minerals and so easy to digest. Improve my sleep, clear my skin (got rid of cellulite), and put me in good mood☺

So much benefits that fruits and vegetables have and I have noticed on my body.

Nothing better than start my day with a green smoothie which will be my next healthy lifestyle post. I’ll talk more details on the post. Stay tuned! Lunch, I like to have 2 to 3 plates full of variety of furies. Dinner, I like to go with steam potatoes and large plates full of vegetables and quinoa or soup. snakes definitely dry unsalted almond, dates or peanut butter. That’s very much what I eat a day!

What I really like about coming Vegetarian is I don’t have to count or worry about what I’m putting on my body.  I always eat until I’m satisfied! #nocountingcalories 😅That’s why I’m not worry about how many plates/ portion I eat when I’m nourishing my body with healthy food all day.

Love the power of raw fruits and vegetables

Feed your body with food that make you feel alive☺

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